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1 Box (12 Pieces) Of Sagami Exceed 1500 Condoms 100% Made In Japan + Sampson Store HK$10 Gift Card @ Ltd

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1 Box (12 Pieces) Of Sagami Exceed 1500 Condoms + Sampson Store HK$10 Gift Card @ Limited
Coupon Terms
  • Multiple coupons may be purchased
  • 1 coupon is for 1 box (12 pieces) of Sagami Exceed 1500 condoms
  • Complete the online form for free delivery product to be delivered within 14 working days after confirmation from Hong Kong
  • Please register your free delivery at
  • Free Sampsonstore gift card HK$10 to purchase at Sampson Store
  • Only one gift card can be used per Sampson Store order
  • Coupon valid from 14th March 2012 - 21st March 2012
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • 100% Made In Japan
  • Japanese Packing
  • Sampsonstore gift card HK $10 to purchase at Sampson Store (online shop)
  • Odor of latex is completely removed by Sagami exclusive technology
  • Special treatment on the base of condom to increase comfort
  • Simple yet elegant packaging design for better purchasing experience
  • Expire date:2015.05
The Company Limited (Hong Kong)

Inquiries & Redemption:
Contact : +852 3165 8845

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri : 10am - 7pm
Sat : 10am - 1pm
Sampson Store



Play It Right, Play It Safe

Sampson Store

The Sampson Store is an Internet website that promotes safe sex by selling condoms on the Internet since 2002. Our mission is to promote the sense of safe sex; to provide an accessible and useful information source about condoms and to offer a secure, convenient, and efficient channel of selling condoms. Condom is made of natural rubber latex. RFSU is a swedish non-profit organisation with over 60 years experience in the field of sexual information and education, and in selling quality condoms. RFSU condoms are manufactured and tested according to the highest standard available.

Stay Safe!

As you know, reading information on the box of condom in a retail store could be embarrasing. Yet, some people, especially teenagers, might hesitate to buy condom in retail stores.Thus, our website is an excellent channel for customers to make purchase.


Sagami Exceed 1500 12's Pack

Quantity : 12
Maker : Sagami Rubber Ind.Co.Ltd
Features :
* 33mm diameter : 104mm circumference ; 52±2mm width *
* Lubricated with smooth feeling gel
* Sagami latex odor removal technology
* Better condom base design
* Green color
* Made in Japan

New Standard - EXCEED. New Product from ideas of customers.

This product is developed based on the feedback from our customers. Every year, there are more than 2000 feedback from our customers, hoping Sagami to develop a condom that is suitable for them. Now, these information are thoughtfully analyzed and realized into this merchandise!

Features Of Sagami Exceed
1. Odor of latex is removed using proprietary technology from Sagami.
2. Special treatment on the base of condom to increase comfort
3. Simple yet elegant packaging design for better purchasing experience.

Expire date : 2015.05

Certificates : Japanese medical device permission number : 221ADBZX00010000

- Shape


We understand our customers. We know that you want to be discrete when puchasing from us. Therefore, you will see "THE SAMPSON STORE" in your credit card billing; there will be no "CONDOM" keyword in the parcel of your order and most importantly, your personal data will never be abused!

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 What Do You Get When You Purchase This Livingsocial Coupon?

  • 1 box (12 pieces condoms) Sagami Exceed 1500
  • SampsonStore Gift Card HK$10 to purchase at SampsonStore online shop (RM 3.80)

Sampson Store

*Only one gift card can be used per SampsonStore order

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