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1 Box of KilaDoll Face Mask + 1 KilaDoll Sakura Cream + Free Delivery (New Product Launch) (Limited Coupons)

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1 Box of KilaDoll Face Mask + 1 KilaDoll Sakura Cream @ Top Passion
Coupon Terms
  • May purchase & redeem multiple coupons
  • Free Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia only
  • Coupon valid from 19th March - 25th March 2012
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • 10 pieces per box for mask
  • Sakura Cream is made of Hokkaidos Sakura extract
  • Natural and nude makeup
  • Works as foundation or concealer
  • Gives your skin the pinkish glow
  • Whitening effect
  • Will not stain clothes
Beautify Your Skin Effortlessly With 1 Box of KilaDoll Face Mask + 1 KilaDoll Sakura Cream!
Top Passion


Effortless Beauty!

A breakthrough product to replace BB cream. It works as a foundation or concealer which brings you a pinkish and even skin tone. Sakura cream is made of Sakura’s extracts from Hokkaido. It is classified as a skincare product with its protective moisturizing formulae which do not harm the skin and stain on clothes. Sakura extract technology can improve the defect of Traditional foundation and BB cream.

  • It is whitening cream, but it can correct skin color evenly to natural color as well.
  • It is water/sweat proof and can stand whole day long.
  • It can be wash off easily by soap.
  • It will not remove by mechanical force such as wipe by tissue.
  • It will not peel off and will not pollute clothes.
  • It can apply whole body when taking photos in studio.
  • It can replace stockings, when apply on the foot.
  • Make up and skin care at same time.
  • With Shea Butter and Tranexamic Acid.


Luxurious Breath For Your Skin!

KilaDoll series heard what is in need from the consumers by sending professional R&D and sales marketing groups to deeply study what is suitable for Asian skin and how to take good care of it. KilaDoll is specially designed for Asian skins. Kila - means pretty, shiny in Japan and we hope that every user of KilaDoll can be as pretty and shiny as a doll.

KilaDoll masks are made of precious & luxury elements, such as platinum, diamond powder, black pearl extracts, hyaluronic acid, placenta and wine, etc. This is to allow users to feel the changes of the skin easily. Quality products at an affordable price. Giving all a fairer and refined healthy looking skin. KilaDoll series use new silk wood pulp fiber from Japan which fits perfectly to the face. Its highly breathable function can helps the essential liquid to penetrate into the skin for better absorption.


Beautify Your Skin Effortlessly With 1 Box of KilaDoll Face Mask + 1 KilaDoll Sakura Cream!
Top Passion
What Can You Get With This LivingSocial Coupon?
ONE Box of KilaDoll Face Mask (10 pieces per box)
  • Choose from:
  • Diamond Platinum Mask
  • Hyaluronic Acid Mask
  • Licorice& Job's Tear Whitening Mask
  • Black Pearl Mask
  • Tranexamic Acid Whitening Mask
ONE KilaDoll Sakura Cream 30ml
RM99.80 > RM59.80


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Note: FREE Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia only.

Going back to the claims that this mask promised, I have to say I am quite satisfied with the result... This mask actually made my skin look glowy even the next day!...My skin appears tauter and less appearance of laugh lines. For early 20s skin you may see this result but I am not too sure about late 20's. Surprisingly my pores seem to be less visible too.
Yay, I received some gifts from MIT, a kiladoll masks from Taiwan. They are really really good. I ever tried before and used for like few times, my skin was sooooooooo goood. Whiter, Firmer and Brighter.

Top Passion Trading

Tel: 012-673 6782

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