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Sawadee Kap! [57% Off] One Thai Main Course & One Tab Tim Krab Dessert @ Chang Thai

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One Thai Main Course and One Tab Tim Krab Dessert @ Chang Thai
Coupon Terms
  • Multiple coupons may be purchased and redeemed
  • Multiple coupons per bill allowed
  • Valid for dine in only
  • 2 days prior reservation needed
  • Valid daily including weekends and public holidays
  • Coupon inclusive of Government tax and service charge
  • Coupon valid from 14th Nov, 2011 to 14th Feb, 2012
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • Pork-free
  • Elegant Thai style food
  • Authentic Thai cuisine
The Company
Chang Thai (behind Jalan Alor)
No. 27,
Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin,
50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 016 - 667 1168

Business Hours:
Daily: 11am - 1am

chang thai map

Little Red Rubies

One of the most famous Thai dessert is "Tab Tim Krab", a sweet dessert filled with little red rubies and slices of jackfruit in coconut milk. The red rubies are made of chopped water chestnut coated with tapioca flour, giving it a chewy texture on the outside yet crunchy on the inside!

Before indulging in your dessert, fill up your tummies with a portion of delicious Thai cuisine. Whether you're in the mood for some pineapple fried rice, a phad thai, some beef noodles or phad prik, you'll be spoilt for choice with over thirty choices of dishes to choose from.


What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
  • One Main Course
    Choose from:
    • Stir Fried Minced Chicken Hot Basil Leaves with Steam Rice (Pah Kra Prao Kai Rad Kaow)
    • Pineapple Fried Rice with Prawn (Kaow Pad Sab Pa Rod)
    • Thai Fried Rice with Prawn/Chicken/Crab Meat (Kaow Phad)
    • Green Curry Chicken with Steam Rice
    • Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Thai Chilli Sauce
    • Stir Fried Seafood with Chilli Burn
    • Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Garlic & Pepper Sauce
    • Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet & Sour Sauce
    • Stir Fried Beef with Garlic & Pepper
    • Thai Chicken Rice with Soup
    • Stir Fried Chicken with Bamboo Red Curry
    • Stir Fried Mix Vegetable Chicken with Sunny Side Up
    • Stir Fried Chicken with Bell Pepper & Sunny Side Up
    • Stir Fried Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
    • Tom Yam Fried Rice with Seafood
    • Fish Fillet with Basil Leaves and Rice
    • Tom Yam Meehoon with Seafood (Tom Yam Meehoon Ta Lay)
    • Beef Ball Noodle Soup (Keow Teow Nua)
    • Duck Noodle Soup (Keow Teow Pad)
    • Stir Noodle Seafood Gravy (Rad Na Ta Lay)
    • Stir Fried Egg Noodle with Chicken
    • Egg Noodle with Duck
    • Stir Fried Keow Teow with Chicken
    • Stir Fried Keow Teow with Sweet & Sour Chicken
    • Stir Thai Rice Noodle with Prawn (Phad Thai Gloong)
    • Thai Laksa with Green Curry Chicken (Ka Non Jeen)
    • Stir Fried Glass Noodle with Seafood
    • Stir Fried Spaghetti Seafood with Hot Basil Leaves (Spaghetti Ta Lay)
    • Spaghetti Sweet & Sour Seafood with Hot Plate
    • Stir Fried Spaghetti with Dry Red Curry Seafood
    • Stir Fried Keow Teow Chicken with Seafood Gravy
    • Glass Noodle Sukiyaki with Seafood (Dry/Soup)
    • Stewed Chicken Drumstick Noodle Soup (Keow Teok Nong Kai)
    • Keow Teow Yong Tau Foo with Seafood Soup (Yong Tau Foo Ta Lay)
  • One Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk (Tab Tim Krab)
Special Offer: Free 1 hour foot massage voucher for Tropical Spa with purchases above RM150 at Chang Thai Restaurant

This Everyday feature was created by:

Editor: Ria
Photographer: Jeff

Chang Thai
Take a look at these photos of the interior:

chang thai

chang thai

chang thai

chang thai

chang thai

chang thai

Have a relaxing foot and body massage at Tropical Spa, adjacent to Chang Thai restaurant:

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