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Celebrate Birthdays with Style! 35% OFF Thomas OR Barney Numbering Jelly Cake (2-4kg) @ Q Jelly (Puchong, Pavilion, 1Utama)

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Coupon Terms
  • Minimum 3 days prior booking
  • Pickup from 12pm to 7pm daily including public holiday
  • Reservation/Confirmation of coupon purchased must be made via email from 30th Jan until 25th Feb 2012 but pickup can be made until 30th June 2012
  • Redeemable at 3 outlets: Puchong, Pavilion, 1Utama
  • Includes "Happy Birthday" words. Extra words will be charged RM5
  • For the number 1 cake, it weighs approximately 2kg
  • For numbers 2 to 9, they are approximately 4kg each
  • Coupon valid from 30th Jan until 25th Feb 2012
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • Halal
  • Pandan flavour
  • Low in saturated fat & cholesterol
  • No food additives
  • Animal-product free
  • Food colour dyes approved by the FDA in the US
  • 100% natural flavours using only the freshest ingredients
  • Thomas the Tank Engine OR Barney Numbering Jelly Cake (Number 1 is approximately 2kg, Numbers 2-9 are approximately 4kg each)
  • Comes in special recycle box with character design
Hi everyone! Redemption must be done via email from 30th January until 25th February, but pickup can be made until 30th June 2012.

Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney Numbering Jelly Cakes
For ONLY RM208!
Q Jelly


Not Just A Cake, But A Jelly Cake!

Unlike the traditional bakery shops, Q Jelly Bakery Shop specializes in Jelly Cakes that are not just pretty to look at but tastes great too. Committed to their motto, "Healthy, Creativity and Freshness", Q Jelly uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. The main ingredient in the Jelly Cake is the green seaweed which is imported from Japan. Why is it so special? Laboratory reports green seaweed whose composition is mainly fibre, is low in saturated fat & cholesterol and has positive effects on our health. With an artistic jelly crafting skill, their Jelly has a smooth texture and adorable designs

Surprise kids with a cake of their favourite characters on their birthdays! Be it Thomas the Tank Engine, or the lovable Barney, the colourful yet healthy cakes are sure to be a hit at their parties. For the number 1 cake, it weighs approximately 2kg, and for numbers 2 to 9, they are approximately 4kg each.


Cool Character Cake Toppers!

The Thomas and Barney jelly cakes are topped with character toppers that can be used to entertain kids after consuming the cake.


Thomas the Tank Engine Numbering Jelly Cake


Barney Numbering Jelly Cake


Free Recycle Box

The numbering jelly cakes come in a special recycle box with the character designs that can be also be used as a toy box.

Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney Numbering Jelly Cakes
For ONLY RM208!

Q Jelly
What Can You Get With This LivingSocial Coupon?
ONE Character Numbering Jelly Cake (~ 2kg - 4kg)
         Choose Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney
FREE Recycle Box
RM320.00 > RM208.00


Email with the subject "Everyday THOMAS/BARNEY NUMBERING JELLY CAKE" to make a reservation with the following details:
1. Selected Package
2. Name
3. Contact Number
4. Coupon Serial Number (Attach coupon in email)
5. Additional Wordings  (If applicable, extra charges RM5 apply)
6. Pick-up Date
7. Pick-up Time
8. Preferred Pick-up Outlet

Note: Only reservation following the above mentioned format will be entertained. QJelly will revert once validation of coupon with bookings confirmation status has been done.

From their display counter, I saw so many lovely jellies in such beautiful and cute designs. Hubby suggested we buy some to get a taste of their cakes. So we choose a pack of mini-animal themed jelly pieces that comes in both chocolate & strawberry flavours. Hmmm... yummy lah!
Taken by the colours and the happy feeling, I ordered the cakes, yes not one but two cakes because my cousin sister were also celebrating her birthday. Now, I vaguely remember how it taste like coz it was three years ago. Don't remember it being overly sweet neither did it taste awful because of the colouring. The relatives and kids enjoyed them. What amazed was the ooh.... ahh.....very nice......very beautiful la the cake. The kids loved it, and the birthday boy was so intrigued by the little doggie topper.
All 4 flavors are nice. They aren’t too sweet either. I personally much preferred the fruit flavors. I find it more special.
The difference between my jellies and those of others is that not only are they low in cholesterol, they also contain nearly 87% water and are rich in vitamins as well as other important nutrients.
Our customers need not fret about the colouring used in our cakes as they are all liquid-based colouring from the US, approved by the FDA, and made specifically for cake decorations. Besides, the jelly used in the cakes is made of seaweed which makes them a healthy choice.

Q Jelly Bakery Shop Sdn Bhd

No.57, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong.
Business Hours:
Daily 12pm to 7pm
(Closed on 22nd Jan to 29th Jan 2012)

Q Jelly Bakery Shop Sdn Bhd - 1 Utama
1Utama Shopping Centre,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Business Hours:
Daily 12pm to 7pm
(Closed on 23rd Jan 2012)

Q Jelly Bakery Shop Sdn Bhd - Pavilion  
Lot P1.03.00 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Daily 12pm to 7pm
(Closed on 23rd Jan 2012)

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