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Cool Sculpting™ On 2 Body Parts (Upper Inner Arms / Upper Inner Legs / Hips / Tummy / Lower Back) @ SOS Exclusive Centre

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Cool Sculpting™ On 2 Body Parts (Upper Inner Arms / Upper Inner Legs / Hips / Tummy / Lower Back) @ SOS Exclusive Centre
Coupon Terms
  • Prior appointment needed (2 days in advance)
  • Multiple coupons may be purchased but limited to one redemption per member
  • Valid for male and female, new and existing customers
  • Last appointment available is at 6:00pm on Mon - Sat; 4:30pm on Sun
  • Valid daily except on public holidays
  • Coupon valid from 3rd May - 3rd Aug, 2012
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • Each coupon is valid for Cool Sculpting™ on 2 body parts
  • Results 100% guaranteed
  • Effective without having to involve scalpels, needles, anaesthetics
  • Non-invasive and doesn't require any time for recovery
  • Uses machine made in Korea specifically for sculpting and slimming
  • Cool Sculpting™ has been certified by FDA since 2008
Cool Sculpting™ On Two Body Parts
SOS Exclusive Centre


Freeze Your Fatty Tissues

If you're neither 16 nor 60, you are not one who has time to sit around and dream about losing another inch on your belly when everything has to move and be accomplished in seconds. Believe it or not, nobody understands you quite like LivingSocial does; lose fat instantly with today's deal from SOS Exclusive Centre. Located in Sri Hartamas, SOS Exclusive Centre is responding to your SOS with Cool Sculpting™ on two body parts for RM288 (regularly RM6000). Pick from upper inner arms, upper inner legs, hips, tummy and lower back and disinherit up to 22.4% of fats in the fat layer after just one treatment.

Upon your arrival, a professional therapist will measure, analyse and mark the body part to be treated during consultation. Next, the Cool Sculpting™ machine shall apply a very low temperature (constant temperature of 4 - 5°C) for around 45 minutes on the intended parts; a layer of gelatine-like substance will be placed in between the skin and the machine to prevent frostbite. Results of this freezing method happen over the course of two to four months when the fat tissues that have been frozen to death are ruled out of your body through urination. In the two to four months' time, recipient of this treatment will slowly feel and see the difference in body curves and fat reduction.

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Cool Sculpting™ On Two Body Parts 
SOS Exclusive Centre
What Can You Get With This LivingSocial Coupon?
  • Cool Sculpting (Choose 2 from below)
    • Both Upper Inner Arms
    • Both Upper Inner Legs
    • Hips
    • Tummy
    • Lower Back

Estimated total duration: 1 hr 30 mins / 45 mins per part

RM6000.00 > RM288.00

SOS Exclusive Centre

Crystalville 2, 8 (Grd Floor),
Jalan 22A/70, Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:
Mon - Sat: 10:30am - 7:30pm
Sun: 10:30am - 5:00pm

Tel: 03 - 6211 6818
Tel: 017 - 381 2675

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