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57% off Cash Voucher RM11.90 @ Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe HONG KONG'S STRAWBERRY FOREVER DESSERT CAFE COMES TO TOWN

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Cash Voucher RM11.90 @ Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Coupon Terms
  • For dine-in only
  • Allow multiple coupons per bill
  • Limit 1 coupon per head per visit
  • Valid only for ala carte main course items priced RM11.90 and above only.
  • Prior appointment needed. Please call 04-659-1059
  • Coupon valid from 26th Mar - 25th May,2011
  • Coupon NOT VALID from 29th Apr, 2011 - 8th May 2011
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • Strawberry Forever is a Hong Kong-based franchise offering wholesome hot pots,curry noodles and scrumptious desserts.
  • Snacks/Appetizers, Healthy Salads, Western-Japanese Deli, Udon in Hotpot, Rice in Hotpot, Curry Noodle, Pop (Mini) Desserts..
  • Strawberry Themed Desserts (Strawberry Forever).
  • Healthy Juices, Cool Smoothies and Specialty Drinks.
  • For office parties, private functions & kids' parties, enquire within.
The Company
Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Unit 26, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5,
11600 Jelutong. Penang.

Tel: 04-659-1059

Business Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11:00am - 11:00pm
Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Introduction about Product and Services

STRAWBERRY FOREVER (a Hong Kong-based franchise) has reached our Penang shorelines!

STRAWBERRY FOREVER is the chain fusion dessert café in Hong Kong. It is famous for its great selection of unique hotel style delicate desserts as well as its creative fusion style menu at a reasonable price. Surrounded by the color red and green, Strawberry Forever’s customers will be delighted by its exquisitely prepared desserts and fusions dishes in a strawberry world.

Come visit STRAWBERRY FOREVER today for wholesome hot pots, curry noodles and scrumptious desserts! Enquire within for office parties, private functions & kids' parties as well.

Strawberry Forever 是 Double Star Group 旗下的 西式甜品餐廳,是香港首間以草莓為主題的餐廳。店


Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Udon (source:

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupons?
  • Choose any one of the below (worth RM11.90):
    1. Stir Fried Udon with Seafood
    2. Udon in Hot Pot with Teriyaki Chicken Steak
    3. Udon in Hot Pot with Fish Fillet Cutlet
    4. Curry Soup with Rice Vermicelli in Hot Pot with Prawns
    5. Curry Soup with Rice Vermicelli in Hot Pot with Sliced Beef
    6. Rice in Hot Pot with Roasted Assorted Vegetables & Mushrooms
Still not satisfied? You can upgrade this coupon to order other main course menu items under  the section Western-Japanese Deli, Udon in Hot Pot, Curry Soup with Rice Vermicelli in Hot Pot & Rice in Hot Pot in the menu by paying the different. Click on the menu below to see :

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Take a look at these website & blog reviews we found on the internet about Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe:
Back in December, went to Strawberry Forever dessert cafe. It's just next to Burger King. The place itself look so delicious with lotsa strawberries pictures hanging on the wall.
Restoren ni memang best. Coollll ja dengan kaler merah strawberi.Sesuai kalau nak lepak2, santai2 dengan kawan2 atau pun candle light dinner dengan marka...hahahaha!!!

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
 Strawberry Pie with Vanilla Custard

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Death by Chocolate with Ice-Cream

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Strawberry Napoleon Pastry

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe

Chocolate Strawberry Passion

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
curry noodle range

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Assorted Desserts

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Wholesome meals besides desserts.

Strawberry Forever Dessert Cafe
Pasta Range


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