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Famous Kari Kepala Ikan Set Meal (2 Pax) for only RM15.90 @ Authentic Malay Cuisine Restaurant D'Dapor Express (Halal)

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RM 50.5
RM 34.6
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Tipped at 30 Nov 2011 5:10 PM
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Famous Kari Kepala Ikan Set Meal (2 Pax) @ D'Dapor Express (worth RM50.50)
Coupon Terms
  • For dine-in only
  • For dinner only: 6pm - 10pm
  • Limit 2 persons per coupon per visit
  • May buy many coupons for different visits
  • Multiple coupons may be purchased as gifts
  • Multiple coupons allowed per bill
  • 1 day advance reservation is required to avoid disappointment
  • Coupons valid on any day including weekends & public holidays
  • Coupons valid from 13 Dec 2011 till 19th February, 2012
  • Coupon Not Valid for 20th Jan 2012 till 25th Jan 2012
  • See Universal Terms that apply to all Everyday Coupons.
  • Halal Malay restaurant.
  • Chefs cook with great passion & enthusiasm in authentic Malay cuisine.
  • Strategically located at Logan Heritage in the center of World Heritage Penang.
  • Cozy & relaxing environment with charming ambiance.
  • Comfortable, full air-conditioned dining area to enjoy your meal.
  • Friendly & cordial services.
  • Cater for small social gatherings or large business functions.
  • Free WiFi.
  • Free parking behind the restaurant. Multi-story parking available at Maybank.
The Company

D'Dapor Express
No. 7, Union Street,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours:
Lunch: 11am - 3pm
Dinner: 6pm - 10pm
Opens Daily.

The contact number will be available on Everyday coupon when the deal ends.

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Restaurant Malay Cuisine D'Dapor Express

D'Dapor Express
Cozy dining area with nice ambiance and friendly customer services.

D'Dapor Express
D'Dapor Express can cater up to 90-120 pax per session.

D’Dapor Express is a modern restaurant specializes in fine, authentic Malay cuisine.

Located strategically in the center of Georgetown, at Logan Heritage - a colonial heritage building in the World Heritage site in Penang, D’Dapor Express is the place where diners can enjoy the full flavors of traditional Malay cooking coupled with that special hospitality known for.

The dedicated chefs have more than 10 years’ experience specializing in authentic Malay cuisine cooking. Using only the freshest of herbs and spices, D’Dapor Express specializes in local favorites such as Kari Kepala Ikan, Ayam Pandan, Daging Rendang, Satay Ayam, Otak-Otak, Gado-Gado, etc.

D'Dapor Express
Famous Kari Kepala Ikan (Half Fish Head Portion)

D'Dapor Express

If you are looking for both authentic and tasty Malay cuisine, you must try D’Dapor for yourself. The flavors will just keep you coming back again and again!

Come and enjoy the enticing flavors of this signature Kari Kepala Ikan, where fresh ingredients and exotic spices play an important part in the creation. With EVERYDAY delivering happiness to you, you can enjoy it at ONLY RM15.90 for 2 pax!

What You Get When You Purchase This Everyday Coupon?
  • Famous Kari Kepala Ikan Set Meal for 2 Pax
    (worth RM50.50)

    Each Set Includes:
    • Half Fish Head Curry
    • Ulam-Ulaman
    • 2 Bowls of Rice

D'Dapor Express

  • 15% Discount on Ala-Carte Side Dishes
    Except Drinks.

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  • The Order Receipt CANNOT be used for redemption.
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  • The contact number will be available on Everyday coupon when the deal ends.
  • The Everyday Coupon can only be used within the validity period.
    Coupons valid from 13th December, 2011 till 19th February, 2012.

D'Dapor Express

D'Dapor Express

D'Dapor Express

Other Dishes

D'Dapor Express
Satay Ayam

D'Dapor Express
Sapi Rendang Seri Tanjung

D'Dapor Express
Rendang Daging Seri Tanjung

D'Dapor Express
Kari Ayam Dara Kampung

D'Dapor Express
Sotong Kapitan Keling

D'Dapor Express
Ice Cendol Sewangi Bidadari

D'Dapor Express
Ice Sago Gula Bendahara Melaka

Add Comment
Air Itam, Penang
Comment by
30 Nov 2011 2:57 PM.

if 3 person with 1 voucher and order some side dishes is it ok?

Dato Keramat, Penang
Comment by
30 Nov 2011 3:15 PM.

keanw60 > The serving is for 2 persons. If you've 3 persons dining together, yes, please order additional rice & side dishes. Hope you enjoy the meal!

Permatang Pauh, Penang
Comment by
30 Nov 2011 9:32 PM.

can 3 persons use 2 coupons?

Dato Keramat, Penang
Comment by
1 Dec 2011 8:22 AM.

sslum56yahoocom > Yes, you can.

Air Itam, Penang
Comment by
1 Dec 2011 10:08 AM.

The validity date as printed on top (13/12/11 - 19/2/12) & bottom (26/10/11 - 25/1/12) are different. Please advise.

Half of the fish head is that means only one side of the fish and not the whole dish head?

Mid Valley, The Gardens, KL
Comment by
1 Dec 2011 3:21 PM.

Dear cllow,
It is only 1 side of the fish head.
Thank you.

Bayan Lepas, Penang
Comment by
3 Dec 2011 10:27 AM.

The last time bought a few coupons, went the first time, the waiter was very friendly, the curry fish head was quite nice too; except they insist us to buy drinks, because of 'using coupons'.

Went second time the fish and the crab was smelly, din use the rest of the coupon after that.

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