Month: August 2022

Are you into food? Do you have this passion for food? Are you one of those people who dreamt of having their own food business even when they were young? Well, we all know that dream does not go away. Some people tend to neglect their dream because they think it’s unreachable and impossible. But

shows internet coverage

In line with the development in this digital era, surely Malaysia has been flooded with a lot of internet plans that are claimed to be compatible and have a really good speed and coverage at home, but are they good enough for your home? Not to forget how we are often heard about the bad

Once upon a time, expensive office space was a prestige symbol for firms, signifying that they had “made it” or “arrived” in their industry. This action was taken to highlight the company’s success. It has proven successful for a small number of enterprises, but it has also contributed to the downfall of a vast majority